Images of sculptures from 'Why buildings stand up/Why Buildings Fall Down', solo show at Malgras|Naudet, August 2013. The show presented drawing, projected images and sculpture created in response to a month long period of research into post-colonial architectures in Namibia and South Africa in late 2012.  The title of the show comes from the books Why Buildings Stand Up (Salvadori: 2002) and Why Buildings Fall Down (Salvadori, Levy: 2002).  The texts outline the principles why buildings weight bear, and why they sometimes collapse, in relation to engineering and human narratives.

 'What to do with whats left', 2013, mdf, chipboard, wood, paint. 




'Why buildings stand up/Why buildings fall down', 2013, Malgras Naudet, Manchester 

'Upwards 1', Pencil, pen on cardboard, mdf and wood, 2013.

 'Upwards 2', Paint, pencil on cardboard, mdf and wood, 2013


'Why Buildings Stand Up/Why Buildings Stand Up', 2013.  Pencil, paint and pen on paper.