WHY BE EXOTIC IN PRIVATE? The Foundry Gallery, London, Dec 2018 - Feb 2019. The exhibition relates to the performative nature of seaside holidaying and the stage set like atmosphere which this pleasure architecture creates. Informed by research into South Beach Miami’s 1930’s ‘Seaside Moderne’ architecture which was inspired by the long sweeping streamlined curves and details of ocean liners and the International Modernist style. Creating a ‘mise-en-scene’, a total artwork from screen printed stage set panels, painted walls, site-specific prints and a collection of research ephemera. Supported by Arts Council England, Le Lay Architects, Little Greene Paint Company, The Graphical Tree, Fred Aldous and Art Lab Contemporary Print Studios.


Installation view of 'Why be exotic in private?', screen printed wallpaper and paint on marine plywood, digitally printed vinyl on sash windows and painted walls. Sculptures bottom left to right (clockwise) - The Cardozo, Senor Frogs, The Palm and The McAlpin. 


Left to right: 'Senor Frogs', screen print on wallpaper, paint on marine plywood, 'Inside the tropical garden', digital print on vinyl, 'The Palm' screen print on wallpaper, paint on marine plywood.

 'Inside the Tropical Garden', digital print on vinyl on sash window. 


 'The Cardozo', screen print on wallpaper, paint on marine plywood.

 Detail of 'The McAlpin', screenprint on wallpaper, paint on marine plywood.

 'The Palm Pink', risograph graph print on recycled paper, A3, edition of 25.

 Rear of 'The McAlpin' sculpture. Top to bottom: Vagabond Motel postcard, Sea Isle Hotel letter, MDPL leaflet. 


 Rear of 'The Cardozo' sculpture. Miami Beach postcard from Wolfsonian archive.

Rear of 'Senor Frogs' sculpture. Illustration of the 1933 Tropical Modernist Home from the archive of The Wolfsonian. 

 Rear of 'Senor Frogs' sculpture. Postcard from 'The Flamingo Hotel', Miami Beach, 1941.